A  ‘Revision Session’ is once a month, 30 -min session given to kids that will basically give the kid questions from the topics attempted that month. It would be given on the same day to the whole class – to be enabled by the teacher for her class or section.

• This Feature is only for Schools and not Retail users.
• The teacher enables this feature once the topic is covered.
• Here, the questions answered by the user incorrectly while covering topics would be given to him/her to test the level of understanding presently
• The users answers can be viewed by the teacher in a way such that  he/she are able to see if the questions Previously answered wrong are still not clear to the student.
• Minimum of 20 questions are given. If the accuracy is :
 60% – 74%  then 2  Sparkies are rewarded.
 75% – 90%  then 5  Sparkies are rewarded.
 90% and above then 10 Sparkies ( Super Sparkie ) are rewarded

I love mindspark! It has helped me improve my mathematical and logical skills. It also tells me where i made a mistake…. And when i mail mindspark , i get the reply really soon! Thanks Mindspark!                     

                                                                 –   Aneri Patel

Class 6, Riverside, Ahmedabad

Mindspark is great and one of my favorite session.Whenever there is session of mindspark i become so happy as it helps me to improve maths.Sometimes i feel that we should get more time for this session.I am thankful to my school for providing this session. THANK U

- Ishita

Class 8, SNK, Rajkot

Mindspark has helped me a lot in my studies. I have learnt a lot from my mistakes. In the topic estimation and rounding I have been getting repeated questions. Please rectify what is wrong. Otherwise Mindspark is very useful. I have been using Mindspark before my friends had been introduced to Mindspark. My neighjbours are also finding it very helpful. Thank you Mindspark for creating a spark in minds of us children.

-  Sasha Ranganath

Class 4, Innisfree, Bangalore

I like mindspark very much.It is interesting and improving our math skill and making us independent on our self and it makes us teach on our own. we love mindspark very much.   

                                 – Rutvi

Class 4, SNK, Rajkot

Very Good, Strengthens Basics, Sparkies are a very good idea as they keep the children interested since the children like collecting Sparkies, Computer based maths it better, and animations is good.

-   Ruchira Kamdar

( Parent of Prerana C,  Class 4

, National Public School,  Bangalore)