Help your character find treasure! Get clues for identifying the treasury based on the properties of its shape. Win gold coins and increase your scores!

This game is for students of Grade 6 and 7, only on Mindspark.


Help your character escape from the lab! Use operations on real numbers to find the correct keys to doors! The difficulty of the questions and time limit will get your adrenaline pumping. If you do not reach the disinfection chamber in time, the virus will get you!

This is a new puzzle game on Mindspark for students of Grade 9.

This enrichment module will help students understand what digital roots are, how to calculate them and how they are useful. It also shows them some beautiful number patterns using digital roots and a fun activity using the same.

Available for Classes – 4, 5 & 6


Mindspark uses strong research backed content and misconception analysis. The Mindspark development team is continuously studying published and unpublished research done worldwide on misconceptions and best ways to overcome them. Additionally, data of millions of children is analyzed to create content targeting and helping specific misconceptions. Student interviews are conducted to identify the cause of misconception, understand the way children think and learn, and various remedial measures are then designed to address the same.

When a student starts the learning Unit of Comparison of decimals, he/she is first given a diagnostic test that is designed to check specific misconceptions. The child then gets a Game which further classifies the student based on different ways they think. Depending on the classification that a child is put into a series of games is given, that target to eradicate these misconceptions.


Sreerjit Chennubhatla | Class: 5B | School: Sri Kumaran Children^s Home – CBSE wrote,

Hello sparkie,I really enjoy mindspark ,but if I could get a different topic I would be very happy,And the new look of Mindspark is very nice ,your friend Sreerjit”

The purpose of a Timed Test is to provide a drill wherever computational fluency is required – for example, for quick computations in the four basic operations for the primary classes, solving simple equations for middle grades, etc. In these tests, the students have to complete a certain number of questions with a certain degree of accuracy.

This starts once concept is completed. No Sparkies are Rewarded for this. This is compulsory to complete and it continues till a satisfactory result is achieved.

Students get these reward questions only when they answer 5 correct  answers in a row. These questions are based on the same topic that they were currently doing. The difficulty level of these questions is higher than the normal questions that were being answered. 2 attempts are allowed for these questions unlike a single attempt for the normal questions due to the raised difficulty level.

• If the question is answered in the :
o 1st attempt, the user gets 5 Sparkies.
o 2nd attempt, the user gets 2 Sparkies.

Challenge Questions Keep the Student engaged and challenged.

A  ‘Revision Session’ is once a month, 30 -min session given to kids that will basically give the kid questions from the topics attempted that month. It would be given on the same day to the whole class – to be enabled by the teacher for her class or section.

• This Feature is only for Schools and not Retail users.
• The teacher enables this feature once the topic is covered.
• Here, the questions answered by the user incorrectly while covering topics would be given to him/her to test the level of understanding presently
• The users answers can be viewed by the teacher in a way such that  he/she are able to see if the questions Previously answered wrong are still not clear to the student.
• Minimum of 20 questions are given. If the accuracy is :
 60% – 74%  then 2  Sparkies are rewarded.
 75% – 90%  then 5  Sparkies are rewarded.
 90% and above then 10 Sparkies ( Super Sparkie ) are rewarded