Mindspark has developed curiosity in Atulya to think about maths. The questions with options have benefitted her to hand calculate to find correct answers. The learning at schools is greatly accentuated by the practice sessions provided by Mindspark.

Yes features such as figurative clues such as on fractions represented by fraction of a pie or segment of a clock create good mental pictures of concepts. I am certain she has the visualization feel of representations now.

You are doing great. Keep it up.

-   Vivek Dhar  ( Parent of Atulya Dhar  Class 5 )

It has been good, its interactive, demostrations help in understanding concepts!

-   tkraghavendra ( Parent of Gautham TK  Class 3,

Sri Kumarans Public School, Bangalore )

Mindspark is really good. The way Mindspark analyses is really good & the weekly report helps us understand how Ritika is doing and where she needs help!

-   Lakshminarayanan  ( Parent of Rithika L Class 7 )

PSBB Learning Leadership Academy, Bangalore

Very Good, Strengthens Basics, Sparkies are a very good idea as they keep the children interested since the children like collecting Sparkies, Computer based maths it better, and animations is good.

-   Ruchira Kamdar

( Parent of Prerana C,  Class 4

, National Public School,  Bangalore)