Our children are really benefited by Mindspark where they get different types of question that enhance their thinking ability and their understanding skills. Questions are very interesting and application based. Overall their performance in Maths have improved a lot. Thank you so much.

- Mrs. Jhumur Gupta
Mindspark Coordinator, Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati

I met with Rupesh (MindSpark Support) while he was here and I must say I am delighted with his feedback! The students were positive about MS anyway, but now they are beginning to find Math interesting as a subject and we can see, though small, a visible change taking place. What I was more concerned about was the teachers’ attitude towards MS and that seems to be changing for the better as per Rupesh’s observations.

-  Rukma Naik ( Trustee, Manovikas, Goa )

Teacher comments during Mindspark Lab session:

- Students become self learners and there application skills are well developed and also Mindspark has helped students strengthen their concepts in maths
– The basic concepts become clear in students
– The questions are good, needs critical thinking

-   Teacher | Manovikas School, Goa.

The students are saying they should be given online test or should be provided questions MCQ types. Next term we are thinking of including MCQ types of questions in the test.

-   Class 7-K Teacher, GEAR School.

When students do not mention the units alongwith the correct answer,they are being marked wrong,thnx a lot for it!!!!:) My efforts in class will not go in vain as students are not bothered to mention units inspite of telling them repeatedly and writing for them:)

-   Lavina Fernandes

( Teacher, S N Kansagra School )