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Essay Writing Competition – Update

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Mindspark Math Clock is designed especially for Mindspark and has been put in all the Mindspark Labs across the country.

All the numerals on the clock have been replaced by their equivalent notation. Our purpose is to stimulate the students’ brain every time they look at it.








A 3-member team presented a poster on Mindspark at EDM2010 – an International conference on Educational Data Mining held at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA.

The conference focused on how to use data from Intelligent Tutoring Systems to improve learning. The poster discussed how Mindspark, a school-based Intelligent Tutoring System, uses students’ data to help teachers improve their content-knowledge. It elaborated on the main features of Mindspark, namely, identifying misconceptions and common wrong answers, behavior of misconceptions across classes and different learning paths according to students’ error-patterns.

Udgam School, Ahmedabad starts Mindspark sessions. The school has a well equipped computer lab with 42 systems with a projector a large screen for presentations. An initial session was conducted for each section for the students to introduce them to the Mindspark interface. Two maths teacher and lab in charge were present for all the Mindspark sessions and helped in answering to all student queries. The students were enthusiastic and were keen to attend Mindspark sessions. Few requested us to activate additional topics.

A similar session for teachers was conducted to introduce them to the Mindspark interface. Empahsis was laid on how they should keep the teacher interface open during the sessions, how to use the different reports available to their benefit.

Ms. Vasanthi (Principal, Sishya, Hosur) had requested parents to mention atleast  3 best things that had happened in her school for the past few months according to them. Most happened to mention in their feedback  – Mindspark!!

The teachers have observed a positive shift in the way students perceive maths earlier and this positive shift will benefit all.

Suchi and team visited the school.

Suchi shares, “During my interaction with teachers of this school, I came to know that they have changed their curriculum and way of teaching as per the flow given by Mindspark.

One of the class 10 Maths teacher said that  some of the questions in Mindspark was really helpful to her as it has lots of questions for one particular concept. Well surely it can be said that; there is Mindspark fever all over in Sishya. With teachers taking care of even how they will have to teach will surely make a difference in the way students learn.

An extremely energizing visit!

Suchi Srinivas (VP, Mindspark) met principals of two prominent schools: Innnisfree House School, Bangalore and Sishya School, Hosur during my Mindspark visit to schools.

Mrs. Bolar (Principal, Innisfree, Bangalore) appreciated the concept of the program as it helps the learner step by step. I observed one of the Mindspark session, it was a pleasure to see students glued to their seat and they not even bothered to get up when the bell rang for the end of the session. The lab teacher had to remind them to leave for the day. This was truly a wonderful experience to see students so involved with Mindspark.
Suchi shares,
My visit was to get an idea about how mindspark is being used in schools, how students are performing, how it is helping teachers and to get feedback.