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27 October ,2013 – 200 enthusiastic kids, 7 staff members, 19 parents and lots  of fun :D

Children are a bundle of energy and ideas. They interact,study,play and fight with us inside the centre. They follow a set of rules that instill value and discipline in them while breaking many other that allows them to be free. Although we lay special emphasis in establishing Human connect inside the centres but trips and outings are a key to establish connect with even those who would rarely speak to you in the confined premises of an educational institute.

A trip to Qutub Minar was organised by Govindpuri and Tekhand centre. A lot of preparation went into it since this was the first time we were organizing anything at this scale. Permission letters were sent out to all the parents,children were asked to get their tiffins and water bottles along with games and stuff to play with.

Staff had made preparation on their front by a few taking responsibility of children by taking them on a  guided tour,while others were paying more attention to children staying together,counting them ‘n’ number of times, ensuring all calls by parents were attended,all demands of children were met.

Kids had a blast not just in  Qutub Minar but also on way in buses where they played so many games with their ‘didi’ and ‘bhaiya’, sang songs,danced, clicked pictures, teased each other and did a lot of ‘masti’. Our kids were particular about maintaining cleanliness wherever they went, taking care of kids they were in charge of, throwing garbage only in bins and standing in a line.

Altogether it was a fun and learning experience not just for kids but also for staff and parents. We realized that managing 200 kids and organizing such a event can be a hectic and tiring experience but at the end of the day when you hear your kids say that ‘this was the best trip we have ever been to’, ‘we had so much fun’ and ‘ thanks for organizing it’  – it kind of makes up for all the hardwork :)


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