Wishing you all and all the kids at centres a very Happy Children’s Day. This is the day for us and for our children. To celebrate this occasion we planned a series of activities and games. First we started by decorating the whole centre with frills and balloons where all the children helped us. Children did Mindspark for half an hour and remaining half an hour activities. It was super fun :)

Activities that we are doing are :

1. Musical Chair – a simple concept where chairs are arranged,1 less than total number of students. Children have to move around the chairs and have to sit on the closest chair the moment music stops. The one left standing is out.

2. Toss in the bucket Each kid is given 5 chances where he has to toss A ball in the bucket from a distance.

3. Pin the tail –  We made a donkey on a chart paper and white board. Eyes are tied with a piece of cloth and children have to pin the tail at right position.

For musical chair winner we gave a Rs 10 gift and distributed candies to every kid.  Alongwith kids we  also had a lot of fun playing these games with them. Sharing a  few pictures with you all

cd1      cd2

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