Having strong math skills sets your child up for success throughout school. Your own attitude about math affects how your child thinks about the subject. You can help enhance his understanding of numbers with simple activities at home and around the community. Whether you’re a math whiz or find yourself reaching for the calculator for any math problem, you can encourage your child to improve his math skills.

Homework Help
Lending a helping hand on your child’s math homework can help him improve his number skills. Each night, check with your child to determine whether he has math homework. When he works through the problems, you can help by making sure he fully understands the math concepts and the questions he’s working on. Review the concepts if he’s unsure of what he’s doing. Even if he doesn’t have homework, you can talk about what he did in math class that day.

Games turn number concepts into an entertaining activity for kids of all ages. Many of the games you already own likely involve math skills, especially for younger kids. Counting spaces on a board is a basic number skill found in many games. Games that use play money give kids a chance to practice counting money and making change. You can also make up your own games involving numbers. For example, if your child is learning basic multiplication facts, have him roll two dice and multiply the two numbers that show up.

Real World Math
Have your child figure out real life math problems so he understands why he needs the concepts. You might not even realize how often you use math every day. Invite your child into the kitchen to practice his fractions. When you’re at the store, have him figure out the cost for buying a certain number of a particular food item. At the gas station, have him estimate how many gallons of gas you can purchase with a certain amount of money. His allowance is another way to practice math skills. He can count the money and set savings goals for a particular item he wants to purchase.

As a parent, you provide a support network for your child. A positive attitude from you encourages him when it comes to number concepts. You may not feel excited about math, but avoid saying negative things about the subject. If he has difficulty in math, work with his teacher to help him improve. The teacher might offer supplementary activity ideas for home practice or provide extra support at school. Praising him when he shows effort, even if he doesn’t get all of the answers correct, encourages your child’s learning.

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