Tughlaqabad, Govindpuri and Tekhand indulged the kids in an exciting Magic show – the center managers turned into magicians – complete with the tuxedo dresses, magic wands and tricks up their sleeves! This was only open to the kids who paid their fees on time! The event was organized jointly by Tughlaqabad and Govindpuri (The Govindpuri students walked up all the way to Tughlaqabad center) and together there were at least 150-160 attendees.


The center members (Abhinav, Anurima, Kanika and Apurwa) had prepared magic tricks for the show to wow the kids – making things disappear, reading the minds of the audience and making a piece of plastic dance to their tunes! The magic show was interspersed with interesting videos like sand art and laser shows.

m2  m3

Overall kids had fun (despite crowd management issues) and many were able to guess the ‘method’ behind our magic :-)


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