Udgam School, Ahmedabad starts Mindspark sessions. The school has a well equipped computer lab with 42 systems with a projector a large screen for presentations. An initial session was conducted for each section for the students to introduce them to the Mindspark interface. Two maths teacher and lab in charge were present for all the Mindspark sessions and helped in answering to all student queries. The students were enthusiastic and were keen to attend Mindspark sessions. Few requested us to activate additional topics.

A similar session for teachers was conducted to introduce them to the Mindspark interface. Empahsis was laid on how they should keep the teacher interface open during the sessions, how to use the different reports available to their benefit.

One Thought on “Mindspark in Udgam School, Ahmedabad

  1. I am Sahil 4th standard student from Carmael Highschool Bangalore.I am using MIND SPARK from 3 months and I am enjoying it very much. My mom says that I have improved very much in fast calculation and geometry.Mind spark is the way where we can learn so much without getting tense and bored.I really LOVE Mind Spark and wanted to continue it next year also.

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