Nandini and Brinda ( MindSpark Support ) conducted a ‘workshop-quiz’ with the teachers to make sure that teachers are able to understand how to use the teacher interface and draw conclusions from it. E.g. They asked the teachers to find a kid in their class (using the teacher interface) who is really struggling, a kid who is doing questions randomly, a kid who may have mastered the topic enough to be able to answer quickly, a kid who hasn’t logged in much, etc. This went very well as the teachers on completing this exercise saw value in doing it.

Teachers were very co-operative as they had taken all the suggestions provided by the MindSpark Team to them in the last meeting about activation-deactivation. Hence, the teachers are currently using right now the usage is happening in the right way from the teachers’ end.

When some of the teachers were asked whether they were feeling worried about completing the syllabus due to giving up 2 periods to MindSpark and they said that they looked at MindSpark as a helpful tool. And their policy is not to ‘complete the syllabus’ but to make kids learn, which MS is helping with.

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