A  ‘Revision Session’ is once a month, 30 -min session given to kids that will basically give the kid questions from the topics attempted that month. It would be given on the same day to the whole class – to be enabled by the teacher for her class or section.

• This Feature is only for Schools and not Retail users.
• The teacher enables this feature once the topic is covered.
• Here, the questions answered by the user incorrectly while covering topics would be given to him/her to test the level of understanding presently
• The users answers can be viewed by the teacher in a way such that  he/she are able to see if the questions Previously answered wrong are still not clear to the student.
• Minimum of 20 questions are given. If the accuracy is :
 60% – 74%  then 2  Sparkies are rewarded.
 75% – 90%  then 5  Sparkies are rewarded.
 90% and above then 10 Sparkies ( Super Sparkie ) are rewarded

One Thought on “Monthly Revision Session.

  1. i love mindsparkkkk~~!!!!!!!!!!! iits fun doin it!!!!!!!……..

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