Gearing up for new academic year!: As the new academic year starts, we are all geared up to introduce a more structured and robust homework support set up at all centres with a help of a comprehensive academic calendar.  The calendar has been put together in a way that it will run parallel with most of the schools’ syllabus. Children will have a sense of connection with School and centre studies. This will help mentors to be well prepared in advance and also they will be clear on what to be done with the children, who haven’t got any homework from school.

After exam – Fun week!: All kids were done with their exams at the commencement of last week of March. A day wise plan was led down to make them have a lot of fun and enjoyment along with English language exposure. The plan started with learning how to greet others to a very interesting vocab game called Pantomime, where a group of kids were given a situation which they had to act out for their peers to guess. Last three days were dedicated to Theatre at centres! Kids were narrated a story with many characters in it. After have understood the story, kids were allotted each character and they were asked to practice the lines (in English) and finally on the last day of week, kids dramatized the whole story in English, in best of their capacities.

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The center also had a Dutch visitor (Maddy) who talked about Netherlands, Dutch culture and taught some Dutch phrases to our kids. Kids were excited. Many of our kids now leave the center screaming “Doei” (bye)!


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