Teacher comments during Mindspark Lab session:

- Students become self learners and there application skills are well developed and also Mindspark has helped students strengthen their concepts in maths
– The basic concepts become clear in students
– The questions are good, needs critical thinking

-   Teacher | Manovikas School, Goa.

Rupesh Vyas (Mindspark support team member) conducted a survey among the school children of Manovikas to understand the affects of MindSpark programme.

On being asked if they like to attend Mindspark session, the students replied saying that they like doing it and were very enthusiastic about attending lab sessions.Students felt that they were learning concepts through MindSpark .The concepts are clearer and even the weak students try to perform well. The questions are good and challenge them to think a lot before answering.

The students are asking for additional MindSpark sessions.

Few students also commented on the timely response to their comments on time.

Ms. Vasanthi (Principal, Sishya, Hosur) had requested parents to mention atleast  3 best things that had happened in her school for the past few months according to them. Most happened to mention in their feedback  – Mindspark!!

The teachers have observed a positive shift in the way students perceive maths earlier and this positive shift will benefit all.

Suchi and team visited the school.

Suchi shares, “During my interaction with teachers of this school, I came to know that they have changed their curriculum and way of teaching as per the flow given by Mindspark.

One of the class 10 Maths teacher said that  some of the questions in Mindspark was really helpful to her as it has lots of questions for one particular concept. Well surely it can be said that; there is Mindspark fever all over in Sishya. With teachers taking care of even how they will have to teach will surely make a difference in the way students learn.

An extremely energizing visit!

Suchi Srinivas (VP, Mindspark) met principals of two prominent schools: Innnisfree House School, Bangalore and Sishya School, Hosur during my Mindspark visit to schools.

Mrs. Bolar (Principal, Innisfree, Bangalore) appreciated the concept of the program as it helps the learner step by step. I observed one of the Mindspark session, it was a pleasure to see students glued to their seat and they not even bothered to get up when the bell rang for the end of the session. The lab teacher had to remind them to leave for the day. This was truly a wonderful experience to see students so involved with Mindspark.
Suchi shares,
My visit was to get an idea about how mindspark is being used in schools, how students are performing, how it is helping teachers and to get feedback.

Nandini and Brinda ( MindSpark Support ) conducted a ‘workshop-quiz’ with the teachers to make sure that teachers are able to understand how to use the teacher interface and draw conclusions from it. E.g. They asked the teachers to find a kid in their class (using the teacher interface) who is really struggling, a kid who is doing questions randomly, a kid who may have mastered the topic enough to be able to answer quickly, a kid who hasn’t logged in much, etc. This went very well as the teachers on completing this exercise saw value in doing it.

Teachers were very co-operative as they had taken all the suggestions provided by the MindSpark Team to them in the last meeting about activation-deactivation. Hence, the teachers are currently using right now the usage is happening in the right way from the teachers’ end.

When some of the teachers were asked whether they were feeling worried about completing the syllabus due to giving up 2 periods to MindSpark and they said that they looked at MindSpark as a helpful tool. And their policy is not to ‘complete the syllabus’ but to make kids learn, which MS is helping with.

It has been good, its interactive, demostrations help in understanding concepts!

-   tkraghavendra ( Parent of Gautham TK  Class 3,

Sri Kumarans Public School, Bangalore )

The students are saying they should be given online test or should be provided questions MCQ types. Next term we are thinking of including MCQ types of questions in the test.

-   Class 7-K Teacher, GEAR School.

Mindspark is really good. The way Mindspark analyses is really good & the weekly report helps us understand how Ritika is doing and where she needs help!

-   Lakshminarayanan  ( Parent of Rithika L Class 7 )

PSBB Learning Leadership Academy, Bangalore