The purpose of a Timed Test is to provide a drill wherever computational fluency is required – for example, for quick computations in the four basic operations for the primary classes, solving simple equations for middle grades, etc. In these tests, the students have to complete a certain number of questions with a certain degree of accuracy.

This starts once concept is completed. No Sparkies are Rewarded for this. This is compulsory to complete and it continues till a satisfactory result is achieved.

I liked the way they give us questions and they keep on becoming harder and harder its like a game for me and first I used to hate maths now I donot hate maths at all sometimes in the maths period I used to sleep but now I am really very attentive now its my one of the favourite period nowdays . Thank you mindspark for making maths period my favourite period I love u midspark !        

-  Shruti Nayak

Class 5, Gundecha Education Academy, Mumbai

This is my last day in mindspark . i thank you for giving me this oppurtunity . i have improved in my maths concepts and now i am confident i can score the best in my exams . i once again thank you ……….Thank You Asset And Mindspark . I am waiting for sciences to be added vey soon.

-    Class 8, Hrushikesh Annadatha

Mindspark is very useful.Even my parents think that it is helping me improve in maths.Mindspark is a companion to me.I like it very much.When I am sad,I do Mindspark,and I feel happy.I believe that it is going to prove a great boon to me

-     Classs 5  – Rhytha Kasiraj

Students get these reward questions only when they answer 5 correct  answers in a row. These questions are based on the same topic that they were currently doing. The difficulty level of these questions is higher than the normal questions that were being answered. 2 attempts are allowed for these questions unlike a single attempt for the normal questions due to the raised difficulty level.

• If the question is answered in the :
o 1st attempt, the user gets 5 Sparkies.
o 2nd attempt, the user gets 2 Sparkies.

Challenge Questions Keep the Student engaged and challenged.

mindspark is fun because we can learn math while enjoying, unlike in the classroom, where in some point in time you get bored and don’t want to study anymore. So, I think that these mindspark sessions are certainly something all schools should encourage!   

-  Shivali Kansagara

Class 8, SNK, Rajkot

When students do not mention the units alongwith the correct answer,they are being marked wrong,thnx a lot for it!!!!:) My efforts in class will not go in vain as students are not bothered to mention units inspite of telling them repeatedly and writing for them:)

-   Lavina Fernandes

( Teacher, S N Kansagra School )