A Parent Orientation was conducted by Suchi and Deblina at DLF. The purpose of this meeting is to share our learnings and patterns observed in student learning. Suchi shared some interesting misconceptions observed in the pretests conducted before the children started Mindspark and then showed a video to show how students had clarified their foundation principals with the help of Mindspark./

After the session, a parent of a student who had used MindSpark ( in the pilot course from Sep 2009) said

My Daughter’s interest in Maths had been flaggin but MindSpark has had a positive motivating effect on her. The first thing she says after coming back home is that she wants to do Mindspark.

The DLF teachers shared that a student of Class 8 in Mrs.Ralhan’s class has improved considerably in Maths. Her face lit up when her teacher asked her if Mindspark had helped her to improve and she said that it surely had. DLF is planning to take MindSpark for classes 5 and 6 currently.

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