At Tekhand - This time we conducted our PTM with some new ideas. We realized that most of the parents are not that involved in what their kids are doing in MS, so we kept a session for parents also. The agenda was to talk to parents about how their kids learn through playing games. We got the parents to login with demo IDs of grade 2-3 which majority of mothers would be comfortable with. They did it in pairs with their kids. In the next session, we shared about our background with them, our education, challenges, decisions, role played by our parents/mother and then discussed with them on how much time they devote to their kids, their education, where do they feel their children are lacking/ good at and how can we help. We also shared the monthly report with the parents.

22 parents came for PTM . After giving them a brief idea we started with MS with parents. At first, some parents were saying no I can’t do, I never used computer before, it will be damaged etc. but when they saw other parents doing MS, they also got encouraged to do the same.

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At Tughlaqabad – We had our PTM on Sunday(i.e 15th June) at Tughlaqabad Centre because most of the parents were always not in the situation to meet us and see what their child is doing at Mindspark Center if we conducted the event on a weekday.

It basically included the parents of the dropout students.We wanted them to know the change in the format at our centres i.e. Introduction of HOMEWORK SUPPORT.The parents were quite satisfied with this new approach that we are trying because it will help them to save money which they were spending because of other tuition.

We made parents do Mindspark themselves so that at least they have an idea about what their child is learning here.It was quite interesting to see that they were really enjoying doing Mindspark on their own. It was necessary because the parents of the dropout kids sometimes think that children are just playing games here and not learning. It was indeed a good exercise for them.

We are also planning to introduce lending library, so that our kids can read well and we are helping them to comprehend stories well. Improving reading in Hindi and English is something that we want to accomplish from a long time and also what parents demand. So, this is a small step to make kids read well and improve their understanding level.

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